Richard Dods or Dodds and Agnes Craig Henderson

Peter Dods 
Master Carpenter 
b 4 May 1800 
Stenton, East Lothian 
d 1 February 1878 
Stenton, East Lothian
Helen Fortune

b 1806-1811
East Lothian
d 1843-1851

John Henderson
Farm Servant
b ca 1822
Dunbar, East Lothian
d 16 January 1900
Innerwick, East Lothian
Martha McFarlane

b 10 January 1826
Haddington, East Lothian
d 22 May 1914
Alloa, Clackmannanshire



Richard Dods
b 15 November 1841 Stenton, East Lothian 
d 7 February 1903 Stenton, East Lothian

m 2 June 1849 Haddington, East Lothian

Agnes Craig Henderson

b 17 June 1853 Stenton, East Lothian 
d 30 November 1929 Stenton, East Lothian


m 19 July 1874 Eweford, Dunbar, East Lothian


Peter Dodds 
Law Clerk 
b 19 April 1875 
Stenton, East Lothian 
d 20 May 1927 

John Henderson Dodds 
Poultry Farmer
b 27 March 1878 
Stenton, East Lothian 
d 3 July 1941 
 Mordington, Berwickshire

Richard Dodds 
b 9 March 1882 
Stenton, East Lothian 
d 1978 
Reston, Berwickshire

Martha McFarlane Dodds
Married to Alexander Jack Hamilton
b 19 July 1884
Stenton, East Lothian
d 3 September 1963
Reston, Berwickshire

Helen Fortune is listed in the 1841 Census with Peter and their eldest son, William, aged 30 born in East Lothian. As ages were rounded down to the nearest five years, she could have been born at any time between 1806 and 1811. The youngest son, Peter, was born on 23 August 1843 and Peter Dods Senior is listed as a widower in the 1851 Census, narrowing down her date of death to between 1843 and 1851. No records have been found for her birth, death or marriage, though she could be the daughter of Wilm. Fortune and Margt. Masson born 29 Mar, baptized 7 Apr 1808 at Whitekirk, the neighbouring parish to Stenton.