Robert Downie and Mary Smith

Robert Downie
Farmer and Distiller
b 1735

d November 1805

Margaret Morison

b 1736
Kippen, Stirlingshire
Joseph Barnard-Smith
Senior Merchant, East India Company

d 2 Jun 1832
Rosina Moreau or Morrow


m 17 June 1758 Kilmadock, Perthshire
Robert Downie of Appin
Merchant in Bengal, MP for Stirling Burghs 1820-1830
b 1771 Kilmadock, Perthshire
d 10 September 1841 Appin House, Appin, Argyllshire

m 7 February 1780 Calcutta, Bengal
Mary Smith

b 1785 Calcutta, Bengal, India
d 6 March 1819 Edinburgh

m 8 October 1804 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Mary Cordelia Downie

b 21 November 1805
Calcutta, Bengal
d 24 March 1813
Kilmadock, Perthshire

Georgina Frances Downie
unmarried, heir to Appin Estate
b 24 January 1807
Calcutta, Bengal
d 12 May 1881
Appin House, Appin, Argyllshire

Roberta Harriet Downie
b 3 August 1808
Calcutta, Bengal
d 16 January 1857

George Downie

b 11 February 1810
Calcutta, Bengal
d 22 June 1811
on board HCS Astell, buried St Helena

Marion Agatha Downie
married James Macalpine-Leny of Dalswinton
b 27 September 1811
d 17 December 1881
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England

Rose Downie
b 23 February 1813
Kilmadock, Perthshire
d 14 July 1842

Robert Downie
Lieutenant, 16th Light Dragoons
b 14 May 1814
d 19 October 1843

Robert Downie also had two illegitimate children in Bengal before his marriage to Mary Smith:

Margaret born about 1800 in Bengal married William Barwell Carter M.D., d 23 March 1871 Edinburgh

Robert born 15 July 1803 Calcutta, probably died before 1812.

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